About Us

Onboard Customer Faster and Streamline your Banking Operations with Simplici.

Creating open solutions to drive financial access for all.

We are a fully-white labeled, end-to-end account origination and management solution. We apply mobile-first, AI, and biometric-enabled identity verification to deliver results – fewer abandoned processes, reduced time to onboard, seamless integrations, and fraud prevention.

What We Solve

Our approach solves many growing problems

“Simplici isn’t just changing the game; it’s rewriting the rulebook on secure and efficient onboarding, all while improving the client experience and reducing costs.  Simplici removes friction, halts fraud, and is the best solution for Banks, Payment Companies, Lenders, Fund Administrators, and their Fund Manager Clients.” 

Austin Trombley / CEO, SiMPLICI

On a mission to empower businesses

Onboard Customer Faster and Streamline your Banking Operations with Simplici.

  • Approximately 25% of transactions are abandoned by consumers due to friction created by antiquated KYC processes.
  • An average financial institution can have 10+ systems to integrate across onboarding, due diligence, repository, and analytics systems.
  • 62% of large banks saw increases in financial crime, with the average cost of digital payments misuse topping $120 million
  • In 2022, financial institutions were fined over $8 billion for AML-related infractions, bringing the gross amount of AML fines since the global financial crisis (2007-2008) to an estimated $56.1 billion

Delivering Tangible Results

Leverage AI-based security, mobile-first biometrics, and compliance transparency in over 190 countries to simultaneously solve for customer privacy, regulatory transparency, and cost efficiency

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Reduction in Processing Time

Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming tasks. With Simplici, you can automate your processes and significantly reduce the time it takes to complete critical operations. Focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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Automated Customer Onboarding

Our platform empowers you to automate the onboarding process, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency. Welcome new customers seamlessly and create lasting relationships.

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Increase in Operational Efficiency

Unlock the power of efficiency with Simplici. Our intuitive platform streamlines operations, eliminates bottlenecks, and enhances productivity. Maximize your team’s potential and achieve more with fewer resources.

Problem Solved

Simplici also addresses end-customer concerns


of financial services customer are extremely concerned about cybersecurity.

Onboard Customer Faster and Streamline your Banking Operations with Simplici.

Our Leadership Team

A dynamic group of visionaries united by a common goal: forging a user-centric digital future for all, everywhere.

Austin Trombley

Founder, CEO

Eric Choi

Founder, Board President

Jayant Sonsurkar

Chief Information Security Officer

Alina Trombley

Chief Compliance Officer

Jim Delaney

Director Of Growth