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Check Fraud Defense Reimagined: How these Innovations will Transform Fraud Prevention in 2024

You’ve probably cashed a check or two in your day, but have you ever really thought about check fraud? With innovations on the horizon from companies like Simplici, Threatadvice, TrueChecks, and Mitek, how we defend against check fraud is about to be transformed. New biometric scans, artificial intelligence, and digital verification methods will make stopping check fraud easier than ever come 2024

Think checks will become obsolete? Think again. These cutting-edge technologies will breathe new life into paper checks and keep them secure well into the future. You’ll be amazed at what’s coming in check fraud defense. The days of worrying about washed checks or forged signatures will soon be a thing of the past.

The Growing Threat of Check Fraud

Check fraud is as old as the hills, yet current technologies make various new ways of deception possible that businesses need to fight. While check usage rates are going down, check fraud has been increasingly found to be an easy target by the criminals. Annual losses from check fraud in the U.S. reach over $20 billion.

It is not always the case that checks end up in the teller’s hands with the advances in innovations such as mobile deposit and remote capture. Consequently, there are more opportunities for fraudsters to take advantage of. Scammers use stolen accounts and routing numbers to produce fake checks and mobile deposits, but they also get the amount of checks chemically inflated. And some also make false business checks out of the stolen ones.

To counteract this, banks and companies are now leaning on AI and machine learning. One of the solutions, SimpliciCheck Defense, uses biometrics & AI to verify customer identity, location, device, and checks for in-branch and mobile check cashing. Threatadvice identifies and traces backend-front communication flows to check whether there are fraud attempts or not in real-time. TrueChecks validate checks written at the teller as stored in the database of valid checks. Furthermore, Mitek’s Mobile Deposit® product leverages AI to deter fake mobile check deposits.

Machine learning networks analyze large amounts of data with neural networks to detect the fraud patterns that humans ignore. Apart from fraud reduction, AI-based solutions also bring customer service improvement by removing friction for legitimate customers through optimized verification processes. With more and more checks disappearing, AI and biometrics will become critical tools for fighting check fraud. However, the innovations leading to the revamp of check fraud defense will make checks safer, prolonging this age-old payment tool into the future.

Current Check Fraud Prevention Tools and Their Limitations

The best check fraud defense solution for your organization will depend on factors such as your budget, specific requirements, level of integration needed, and scalability options. It’s essential to evaluate each solution carefully and consider conducting a trial or demo to assess its effectiveness before making a decision.

  1. ThreatAdvice:


  • Provides a complete suite of cybersecurity solutions that includes anti-check fraud, to safeguard businesses against diverse risks.
  • Delivers training and education to workers on cybersecurity good practices to prevent scams.
  • Provides threat intelligence and monitoring solutions to detect and block any possible risks.


  • More details about their check fraud solution, including its functions and abilities, are not easy to find but can be found out.
  • Pricing and scalability features may differ based on the size and unique requirements of the business.
  1. Mitek:


  • Provides intelligent artificial intelligence technology on check forgeries detection and prevention.
  • Gives on-the-spot verification and authentication of checks to out-crop fraudulent cases.
  • Provides smooth integration with current banking systems and procedures, making implementation effortless.


  • The cost of implementation and ongoing maintenance might be greater than those of other approaches.
  • Cases of inability to adjust or scale up due to the users’ unique needs will be noted by some users.
  1. TrueChecks:


  • Specializes in the prevention of check fraud, and also offers a variety of solutions that fit each business and financial institution’s needs.
  • Offers real-time, fraudulent check detection and image analysis capability to counterfeit check detection and fraud prevention.
  • It provides customizable solutions with variable pricing that depend on the company’s size and requirements.


  • May need some of the advanced AI-powered features offered by larger providers like Mitek.
  • Limited scalability options for large enterprises with complex check fraud prevention needs.

Introducing Simplici Check Defense - A Game Changer

Simplici Check Defense represents an innovative product portfolio to transform the way one defends itself against check fraud. It enables you to request non-bank customers to do a biometric scan like facial recognition while cashing a check in a branch using their mobile device. Therefore it validates their identity and makes sure the person withdrawing money is authorized.

Check Fraud

Here are some key points to consider regarding Simplici Check Defense:

  • Simplici Check Defense significantly reduces the risk of check fraud by making it extremely difficult for criminals to cash stolen or forged checks.
  • The integration of biometric details and government IDs makes it nearly impossible for fraudsters to fake the necessary credentials.
  • False positives are eliminated with the Simplici Check Defense module, ensuring that genuine customers can access their funds without interruption.
  • The use of biometrics and physical ID verification reduces delays or denials for customers cashing genuine checks.
  • Overall, Simplici Check Defense streamlines processes for both customers and staff, with quick biometric and ID scans that take just seconds to complete.
  • Teller, a modern solution for banks, focuses on reducing the time tellers spend verifying physical IDs, allowing them to prioritize customer service.

How Simplici Check Defense Uses Biometrics to Revolutionize Fraud Prevention

Simpli Check Defense is ready to bring the game to the next level by introducing biometrics in check fraud prevention in 2024. This solution enables you to implement a unique biometric check cashing procedure at the branch where the check cashers are non-bank customers and are required to perform a mobile device biometric scan.

Check Fraud
Get ready for biometric scans, AI, and digital verification methods that will make paper checks safer than ever.

This way, we can make sure that the person presenting the check is really the one who is cashing it and we also limit the possibility of fraud. The way the customer operates is to scan their government-issued ID, be it a driver’s license or a passport, using the camera on their smartphone. They finish the operation which involves taking a selfie and fingerprint scan and Simplici Check Defense uses it to validate that it is correct to the information on the ID.

  • Biometric verification authenticates someone’s identity by their unique biological features. It gives companies a highly accurate way to confirm the customer is who they say they are.
  • Requiring biometric scans for non-bank customers helps prevent fraudsters from cashing stolen or counterfeit checks using fake or stolen IDs. The biometric data is much harder to replicate.
  • The convenient mobile interface makes the biometric verification process easy for the customer to complete in just a few minutes. They don’t have to visit an ATM or use any special equipment.
  • Simplici Check Defense integrates with Mitek’s Mobile Verify SDK to capture and verify the biometric data. Mitek is a leader in mobile identity verification and ensures the biometric matching is fast, secure, and highly accurate.

In summary, Simplici Check Defense leverages the latest biometric technology to boost check fraud prevention in a streamlined way. Adding biometric identity verification for non-bank customers helps reduce losses from cashed counterfeit and stolen checks, while also providing a good customer experience. Biometrics is the future of identity verification, and Simplici Check Defense is at the forefront of bringing this innovation to the check payments industry.

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