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Unleash The Power of Simplici Code Free Advanced Flow Builder to Customize and Automate Customer Onboarding and Meet Compliance.

Customize Your Customer's Onboarding Journey

Streamline and Personalize the Onboarding Process with Simplici Workflows

Design Workflows Tailored to Your Unique Business Needs

Automate and Accelerate Your Identity Processes


Effortlessly kickstart automated workflows tailored to your unique business needs. With Simplici, you have the flexibility to trigger workflows through seamless API integrations or specific events within the platform, ensuring a smooth and efficient execution of your identity processes.


Enhance your verifications by seamlessly incorporating additional data from various sources. Simplici empowers you to enrich your verifications with comprehensive information, including watchlist reports, trusted risk vendors, and other valuable data, enabling you to make informed decisions.


Design decision paths that align perfectly with your specific requirements. Simplici offers a drag-and-drop workflow builder, allowing you to create customized customer flows. Whether it’s simple identity verification or complex accreditation, you can effortlessly segment and manage your users effectively.


Take immediate actions based on the outcomes of your workflows. Simplici provides you with the tools to promptly act on the results, whether it’s opening an account, funding and investment or seamlessly integrating with your internal systems. With Simplici, you can ensure efficient processes and maintain a seamless flow of information.

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Build Effortlessly, Launch Seamlessly

Unleash the power of Simplici’s code-free workflow builder. Craft dynamic workflows with ease using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Start faster, launch smoother, and take control of your automation.

Intuitive Workflow Builder

No coding. No complexity. Simplici’s drag-and-drop interface makes workflow creation a breeze. Design a workflows effortlessly, without technical expertise.

Seamless Setup Process

Simplici’s streamlined setup process ensures a seamless experience across all required screens from biometric identity through due diligence needed for KYC, PEPs, and more in one end-to-end solution. 

Flexibility & Customization

Take charge of your automation journey. With Simplici, customization is limitless to meet your exact requirements.

Empower Your Team and Streamline Authorization

Effortlessly collaborate and secure your account within Simplici. Assign roles, enhance teamwork, and maintain control over security. Elevate productivity and protect your data with confidence.

Role-based Access Control

Take control of your team’s access with Simplici’s role-based permissions. Assign roles and permissions, ensuring the right individuals have the tools they need.

Collaborate with Ease

Unleash the power of seamless collaboration within Simplici. Assign tasks, share information, and communicate directly with your team. Centralize your collaboration efforts and boost workflow efficiency.

Account Security

Protect your sensitive data with Simplici’s robust authorization features. Grant access based on roles and responsibilities, ensuring compliance and safeguarding your account’s security.

Decide with Confidence, Act with Speed

Customize decision flows effortlessly to match your processes. Simplici gives you the power to streamline operations with flexible rules, repeatable actions, and prioritized cases. Make informed decisions swiftly and optimize your workflow performance.

Flexible Rules, Efficient Decisions

Take control of your decision-making process with Simplici’s flexible rule sets. Customize approvals, rejections, and manual reviews to align with your unique processes.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Simplici, provides detailed analytics & reporting, delivering comprehensive insights into how user identity is processed in your workflow to optimize performance & take decisive actions.

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