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Start Verifying Identities Seamlessly With Simplici's Digital Identity Verification

Digital Identity Verification for Effortless Authentication

Our advanced technology enables quick and accurate identity verification, ensuring a seamless user experience while maintaining the highest level of security. 

Simplified Identity Verification

Building Trust for Seamless Transactions

Regulate Compliance

Stay in compliance with global and regional regulations, ensuring adherence to KYC and AML requirements across 200+ countries and territories.

Multi-layer fraud detection

Protect your business from financial crimes, fraud, and reputational damage by implementing robust KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance measures.

Reduce Cost & Complexity

Automate onboarding to reduce the cost of customer acquisition. It’s easy to orchestrate journeys that make verification simple.

Real-Time Risk Scoring

Gain real-time insights into the risk level of your customers, utilizing advanced algorithms and data analysis, we provide instant risk assessment, helping you make informed decisions.

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Advanced Verification Suite

Harness the power of our comprehensive library of document and biometric verification solutions, trusted data sources, and advanced fraud detection signals. With seamless global verifications and intelligent fraud prevention, we enable you to validate identities with ease, combat sophisticated fraud attacks, and meet compliance requirements effortlessly.

Enhanced Biometrics Authentication

Our advanced biometric verification solution ensures that identity documents are presented by their rightful owners to have secure, accurate and trustable operation.

Selfie to eID Verification

Ensure investor authenticity with Simplici’s advanced methods. Verify identities through streamlined processes, including identity checks, document verification, and risk screenings. Accelerate onboarding while maintaining strict compliance.

SSN Validation

Meet regulatory requirements effortlessly with Simplici’s integrated compliance features. Conduct thorough due diligence with watchlist screenings, AML checks, and adverse media searches. Minimize risks and establish a solid framework for investor confidence.

Taking Identity Verification to the Next Level

Say goodbye to traditional verification methods and step into the future of identity verification with Simplici. Rest assured that your users’ identities are thoroughly verified, providing you with peace of mind and a seamless user experience. Trust Simplici to take your verification process to new heights.

Liveness Check

Enhance verification security with Simplici’s Liveness Check. Verify user presence through AI-powered facial liveness detection, preventing spoofing and ensuring reliable identity authentication.

Phone Number/ Email Verification

We offer a centralized platform that brings together all your compliance operations into one place, eliminating the need for multiple tools and systems.

Document Verification

Simplify the process for customers to submit necessary documents securely and effortlessly. Enhance security, reduce manual efforts, and provide a seamless experience.

Strengthen Risk Management and Prevent Fraud with Simplici

Leverage Simplici’s advanced risk management capabilities to identify and mitigate potential fraud risks. Benefit from AI-driven insights, anomaly detection, and behavior analytics to stay ahead of emerging threats and protect your business.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Simplici automates watchlist screenings, enabling you to identify potential matches against global sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEPs), and other high-risk individuals or entities.

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Simplici leverages machine learning algorithms to continuously learn from new data and adapt to evolving fraud patterns. By staying ahead of the curve, you can implement effective countermeasures, update your risk strategies, and protect your business from the ever-changing landscape of fraud.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Get detailed compliance metrics, allowing you to assess your compliance performance, identify trends, and measure the effectiveness of your compliance program.

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