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#1 KYB Solution in the World - Automate The Entire KYB (Business Verification) Lifecycle.

Smooth & Speedy Business Onboarding

Accelerate your onboarding process by leveraging our end-to-end KYB solution. With a single platform, you can effortlessly streamline and automate the entire KYB-KYC lifecycle. 

Ensuring Smooth Business Verification, Just Like KYC

Obtain everything you need to seamlessly verify, investigate, and onboard businesses and the individuals behind them, ensuring a smooth and efficient onboarding experience.

Simplify the KYB-KYC Lifecycle in One Platform

Effortlessly make informed decisions by collecting and verifying data and documents, reviewing edge cases, and automating outreach, all within a unified platform that streamlines your operations.

Gain Automated Insights into Your Business Partners

Ensure a clear understanding of the businesses and beneficial owners (BOs) you collaborate with through robust verification methods and comprehensive list screenings. Automate decision criteria to approve, decline, or escalate cases for manual review, empowering you with valuable insights.

Convert More Businesses with Customizable Flows

Retain control over the branding and experience of your custom KYB flows, allowing for flexible data and document collection. Dynamically adjust friction levels to optimize conversions based on business and individual risk signals, maximizing your onboarding success.

Lets’s Accelerate your business goals

 Trust Simplici to deliver accurate, reliable, and compliant identity verification solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

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Enhanced Due Diligence

Ensure secure business relationships with Simplici’s enhanced KYB checks. Conduct comprehensive due diligence on your business customers by screening against global watchlists, PEPs, and AML databases.

Effortless Document Collection

Simplici enables you to collect and verify various types of documentation, regardless of format. Capture and extract necessary data efficiently and accurately for seamless onboarding.

Automated Document Verification

Simplify document verification with Simplici’s automated system. Our advanced technology accurately verifies and helps you to speed up the process and eliminate errors.

Customizable Workflows

Simplici platform offers customizable workflows, allowing you to define validation rules and set up approval hierarchies. Adapt the KYB process to fit your industry and compliance requirements.

Comprehensive Business Verification

Verify the authenticity and legitimacy of businesses with our comprehensive verification process. We utilize industry-leading data sources and advanced algorithms to validate business information, such as legal entity status, ownership details, and operational history.

Real-Time Business Screening

Screen businesses against watchlists and adverse media, demonstrating regulatory due diligence. Minimize risk exposure and ensure compliance without compromise.

Automatic Audit Logs

Maintain comprehensive audit logs of all KYB/KYC/AML identity checks and decisions in one secure location ensuring compliance and data privacy.

Strengthen Compliance, Drive Success

With our KYB solutions, ensure regulatory compliance and uphold global standards, including AML, KYC, and PEP’s. Protect your business from fines, penalties, and reputational damage tied to non-compliance.

Faster Onboarding, Seamless Growth

Supercharge your customer onboarding process by streamlining paperwork, automating verifications, and reducing time-to-approve for new business relationships.

Risk Mitigation, Informed Decisions

Mitigate risks tied to corporate customers effectively by assessing the risk profiles of your business clients, empowering better decision-making and risk management strategies.

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