Frequently Asked Questions

Delve into Our Comprehensive FAQs for In-Depth Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions.

1. What solutions do you offer?

Use our end-to-end Compliance Fabric which includes best-in-class KYC, AML, SARS, OFAC, encryption, zero-knowledge networks, and more. Or you can customize your customers’ compliance journey at each step with our menu-based modular compliance options.

Use our end-to-end investor verification and fund onboarding which includes: best-in-class KYC, AML, PEPS, SARS, OFAC, encryption, e-document signing, bank linkage and 506c. Or, you can customize your customers’ compliance journey at each step with our drag-and-drop verification options. And pay only for what you use. 

2. What is Compliance Fabric?

Simplici’s Compliance Fabric is an automated, integrated compliance solution, which includes the compliance components you need, at the level of rigor you desire, without the time and cost of trying to stitch together a patchwork of solutions yourself.

Simplici’s Compliance Fabric™ is our proprietary approach to automated, integrated compliance solutions. It is the backbone that provides the level of rigor you desire without the time and cost of trying to stitch together a patchwork of solutions yourself.

3. What types of integration support do you provide?

At the Professional level for Compliance Fabric, we provide an API and email support. At the enterprise level, we provide chat and telephone support plus more, depending on the Compliance solution and our individual agreement.

We have 24/7 support for any of your needs.

4. How do you comply with privacy regulations?

This Site is operated from, and Site User Information and Service User Information is stored in the United States of America (USA). We store Site User Information and Service User Information in our Google and AWS Cloud infrastructure located in the United States of America (USA). Privacy Policy

5. What countries do you support?

USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe (most countries), India, and more. Country support depends on document type used. If you need a country not listed, contact us. We are adding more coverage.

We support over 190 countries and are adding more coverage every week.

6. What document types do you support for verification?

Simplici  supports over 8,800 document types, including all ICAO machine-readable travel document types. Document types we cover include: passport, ID card, driver’s license, and residence permit. We can add custom document types from several collected samples. For the covered territories for each of the document types, we have a 100% coverage for passports that have MRZ code (ICAO-93 standard)

Simplici supports all primary document types: Government ID cards, Driver’s licenses, Residence Permits, and all ICAO-93 standard passports. Specific documents can be integrated into our system upon request.

7. What are the fees beyond the pricing structure shown?

For Enterprise customers, contact us for fees which will generally be structured as cost-plus for compliance solutions. Prices do not include VAT or other taxes based on your location. You will be responsible for VAT to the amount based on where your company is registered. You will be responsible for the price of 3rd-party services you wish to integrate in your compliance and/or creation pipeline.

Simplici’s pricing structure is open and transparent for all. Contact us with additional inquiries for customized approaches. Prices do not include VAT or other taxes per your location.

8. Do you offer volume-based discounts?

If you anticipate exceeding 10,000 verification checks per month, you are eligible for volume-based pricing. Please contact [email protected] 

We do offer volume-based discounts. The level and structure of the discount will depend on the solution you choose, expected volume and more. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

9. What are all of Simplici’s available features?


  • Identity Verification
  • Liveness Check
  • Auto Selfie Capture
  • Biometric Similarity
  • ID-To-Selfie Match
  • Document Verification
  • ID Validity Checks
  • Auto Document Capture
  • Auto Data Extraction
  • OCR
  • MRZ
  • Photo Uploading


  • Verification of company details and registration information 
  • Verification of relevant incorporation documents
  • Revenue information on companies 
  • UBO (ultimate beneficial owner) information 
  • KYC / AML / PEPS / Sanctions on UBO’s  


  • Watchlist Service Integration
  • Detailed Usage Logging
  • Data Export & Reporting
  • Watchlists Checks
  • PEPS
  • OFAC and AML Sanctions Checks and Database Checks.


  • 506b
  • 506c
  • 365 degree review of Compliance Communications
  • Bulk and Individual Compliance Report exports

Funding Investment 

  • Text and Email Reminders Scheduled
  • Plaid Integration for easy bank account Linking
  • ACH Investment Directly into SPV/FUND/ESCROW


  • Full Integration Support
  • API
  • Web
  • iOS & Android SDKs
  • User Flow Customization
  • Customized Reporting
  • Dashboard Access
  • On-chain Visibility

10. Does Simplici have Enterprise solutions?

Simplici has a rigorous engineering and security structure that can meet custom Enterprise team needs. Please contact us to discuss. Book a Demo

We offer: custom verification modules, custom document types, custom data sourcing, white labeling, trade monitoring.