Introducing Simplici: End-To-End Onboarding & Compliance in under 4-Minutes

Easier, Simpler, Faster. Welcome to the Future of Onboarding and Compliance.

HOUSTON, TX 10/05/2023 Satschel, Inc. is excited to introduce Simplici (, a mobile-first, end-to-end account origination platform using AI and biometrics to remove friction, expediting Know You Customer (KYC/KYB), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Accreditation, with integrated E-sign (SimpliciSign), allowing customers to onboard and transfer funds to new financial account in 3-4 minutes.  Simplic biometrics can drastically mitigate p2p payment fraud (e.g. Zelle) and be placed in front of transactions (RTP, Wire, ACH, etc.), providing financial institutions and their customers next-gen security with a best-in-class user interface at a fraction of the cost. 

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Simplici harnesses proprietary biometrics to streamline customer onboarding and mitigate fraud while exceeding today’s rigorous compliance standards. Simplici’s Single Source Compliance(™) framework consolidates information collection and client communication into one place, providing single-click access to individual and firm-level reporting for better compliance management and expedited regulatory responsiveness.

Addressing Industry-Wide Challenges

Friction in account origination/onboarding is a major cost center in the financial services industry.  Industry studies reveal over half of consumers abandon applications at financial firms due to friction and many will switch institutions if the barriers are too high. 

Simplici has taken up the challenge, transforming the user interface into a hassle-free experience and simplifying compliance management.

“Simplici isn’t just changing the game; it’s rewriting the rulebook on secure and efficient onboarding, all while improving the client experience and reducing costs.  Simplici removes friction, halts fraud, and is the best solution for Banks, Payment Companies, Lenders, Fund Administrators, and their Fund Manager Clients.” says Austin Trombley, CEO of Simplici.”

Unlock Efficiency and Maximize Consumer Engagement with Simplici:

  • Biometric authentication to enhance security and drastically mitigate fraud        
  • Frictionless onboarding to grow the customer base
  • Automated KYC, KYB and AML workflows 
  • Advanced identity verification
  • Automated reminders to drive customer engagement
  • Single Source Compliance(™) for quick regulatory responsiveness
  • Simplici Sign integrated eDocument signing
  • Seamless integration with API access

“Simplici has taken a complicated, multi-faceted process for KYC and created a platform that seamlessly guides the user through. They have answered the long-pondered question of, ‘How do we make this easier for our investors?’”

Alyssa McEwen
CEO of Harmonious Capital Administration