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Document Verification, Biometrics Authentication, Address Verification, SSN Verification Made Easy By Simplici. Try The Best Biometrics & AI Powered Service and Automate Your Business Verification.

Simplici - Simple and affordable KYC

Our fully automated eKYC and identity verification platform gives you confidence in your customer’s identity and provides them with a fast and flexible experience to increase engagement and conversion.

simplici document verification services

Simplici is tailored to grow your business

Identity Verification

Tier-1 KYC By Checking Identity Against Government Database

Allow your users to pass tier-1 KYC by checking if their identity matches government database. 

Biometric Verification

Tier 2 KYC By Doing Liveness Check with ID-Selfie Match

Allow your users to pass tier 2 KYC by verifying their liveness and taking a selfie to match with government ID’s. 

Address Verification

Tier 3 KYC by Verifying Address and Location

Allow your users to pass tier 3 KYC by verifying their address and location.

Accelerate Customer Onboarding & Compliance With eKYC

Benefits of Simplici's eKYC

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