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Account Origination and Fraud Mitigation

Experience Secure, Efficient, and Fraud-Free Operations for Your Business, Say Good-bye to Manual Paperwork and Patchwork Solutions - Start using Simplici Now.

Simple account opening & Seamless fraud mitigation

Simplici has revolutionized the account origination process with an all-in-one solution, seamless integration, and integrated fraud prevention measures.

simplici acnt Org final

The New Age Solution for Account Origination and Fraud Prevention

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and patchwork solutions.

With Customizable Onboarding flows, you have the ability to cater to your unique consumer requirements.  In less than 5 minutes, you’re able to define the sequence of required steps and set up automated reminders to ensure a frictionless, 3-minute onboarding experience for your customers.

Single Source Compliance(™) (SSC) Repository

Access all client communication through our data repository that gives you a designated window for all document/due diligence requests. Effortlessly download client files in bulk or individually enabling quick regulatory responsiveness.

Improved Customer Experience with Accuracy

Enhance efficiency and accuracy by replacing manual KYC input for customers with Simplici’s automatic data extraction tool, which is compatible with all types of government identification.

Better decision making through Analytics

Monitor key metrics, track trends, and pinpoint areas for enhancement through Simplici analytics, enabling you to make well-informed business decisions, streamline processes, and maintain a competitive edge.

No Code Integrations with APIs

Effortlessly connect Simplici with your preferred tools using no code integrations and APIs.  

Transaction Fraud Mitigation

Boost customer confidence by safeguarding their funds using biometric identity verification. Simplici’s mobile-first, AI-powered biometric account access mitigates fraud at scale.

Simplici: We Build Trust as a Tangible Asset(™)

Transaction Fraud Mitigation

Safeguarding Your Business: Defending against Fraud

 Our cutting-edge technology, combined with advanced fraud detection and user-friendly experiences, helps you establish trust, enhance security, and build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Get started with Simplici today

Stay one step ahead of fraudsters and secure your transactions with Simplici biometrics application.