Thwart In-Branch Check Fraud

Usign AI & Biometrics

Simplici Defense discourages fraudsters from ever attempting to cash checks at your bank. If they do try, Simplici will analyze their biometrics, government-issued ID, and mobile device information for signs of fraud and raise an alert for the banker.

Easy, Secure, and Quick Process

Customers go through a quick 30 Sec secure ID verification process using government ID scanning and facial recognition. This ensures a hassle-free and secure onboarding process, allowing bankers to focus on legitimate customer service. 

IDV Powered by AI & Biometrics

Keep your customers’ funds and accounts secure by identifying and deterring fraudsters with Simplici Defense’s advanced biometrics, AI, and ID verification technology. This high-tech approach adds an extra layer of security to the onboarding process.

Deter Fraudster at Door

The Banker gets verification info instantly on their screen to make informed decisions, allowing or denying access, conducting further checks, or taking appropriate actions based on the real-time information presented.  

Fraud InformationNetwork

Simplici checks fraud databases to gather intelligence on known fraudsters, monitor scam trends, and identify other threats. By tapping into this collective knowledge, the system strengthens fraud detection, creating a more robust defense against evolving fraud schemes.

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"Simplici has taken a complicated, multi-faceted process and created a platform that seamlessly guides the user through. They have answered the long pondered question of "how do we make this easier for our investors"
CEO,  Capital Administration Firm
Nothing we have seen is even close to Simplici. No one is approaching it this way.....they are just digitizing a manual process, taking a check-the-box-approach.
Regional Bank VP of Innovation
"Closing private deals is an arduous task and often leads to deal fatigue. With Simplici, my clients can effortlessly sign subscription documents and fund their investments within minutes which creates a win-win situation for all parties involved."
Registered Representative

Simplici Is Fully Compliant

Simplici is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 Supports 256-bit TLS encryption on every device

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