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Top 10 eSignature Tools

Streamline Your Signing Process With These Top 10 eSignature Software

You’re tired of chasing people down for signatures and dealing with messy wet ink. There has to be a better way, right? Of course there is – welcome to the world of electronic signatures. eSignatures are digital signatures that are legally binding and help streamline your business processes.

With eSignature software, you can send documents for signature instantly and get them signed and returned in just a few clicks. No more printing, scanning, faxing or overnighting. Just seamless digital signing from anywhere on any device.

Remote Notarization makes the process of notarizing documents easy and secure. With remote notary solutions, individuals can notarize and sign documents remotely within minutes. This method offers convenience, accessibility, and security, allowing for the execution of notarial acts without the need for physical presence. 

What is eSignature Software and How it Streamlines Businesses

eSignature software, also known as electronic signature software, allows you to sign documents digitally instead of printing and signing them manually. This simple concept can significantly improve your business’s efficiency and productivity.

Reduce Costs and Save Time

With eSignature solutions, you can cut costs associated with printing, scanning, and shipping documents. eSigning also speeds up the signing process, reducing turnaround time from days to just minutes. For example, SimpliciSign allows multiple parties to sign complex contracts with over 100 pages in under an hour.

Improve Customer Experience​

An easy eSigning experience enhances customer satisfaction. Customers can review and sign anytime, anywhere, on any device. SimpliciSign provides a simple, intuitive interface so customers can quickly navigate and complete the signing process without hassle.

Increase Operational Efficiency​

eSignature software integrates easily with your existing systems and workflows. For instance, SimpliciSign embeds directly into your website and customer portals. It also offers open APIs to connect with popular CRM, accounting, and ERP platforms. This tight integration automates your operations and reduces manual work.

Ensure Legal Compliance​

The leading eSignature solution like SimpliciSign comply with the ESIGN and the UETA laws. They apply top notch security protocols to ensure data integrity and avoid fraud. You will feel at least more relaxed knowing that signed documents will stand in a courthouse on account of timestamps, audit trails, and tamper-evident seals.

Briefly, signing with eSignature speeds up your sales cycles, lowers costs, raises customer satisfaction, increases operations’ efficiency, and offers legal validity. Therefore, eSignature software should be an essential tool for streamlining your business processes in a safe and compliant manner.

Key consideration While Choosing an E-Signature Vendor

There are various excellent options when it comes to eSignature software. What matters is identifying an approach that works for the business, blends in well with the tools you are already using, and fits into your current workflows. Some things to consider:


What is your requirement for eSignature – whether it is simple or robust. Some options include SimpliciSign, Docusign, HelloSign that offer eSignature basics, PandaDoc, Zoho Sign and Adobe Sign that offer additional features like document automation, analytics and payment.


If possible, then you should look for an e-signature tool that is suitable with the services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Salesforce and Slack. Most of the best platforms provide for strong API access and integration into some of the common business software to make your signing process easy for you.

Plans and Pricing

The pricing of E-signature software varies immensely. There are some platforms such as SimpliciSign, SignNow among others that have more economical pay-as-you-go offers besides monthly and annual payments.

Ease of Use

It should be an intuitive solution that is easy to implement as an eSignature solution. Keep in mind simple user interface, drag-and-drop documents uploading functionality, and step-by-step wizard for sending and signing. These include SimpliciSign, HelloSign and Adobe Sign.

Security and Compliance

For many businesses, eSignature software security and compliance is crucial. Platforms such as SimpliciSign, DocuSign and OneSpan meet the strictest security and compliance standards to keep your documents and data safe.

Top 10 eSignature Platforms:​


DocuSign is the most well-known eSignature solution. It offers a free trial and paid plans for individuals and businesses.


  • Widely used and trusted. Compatible with most document formats.

  • Intuitive interface. Easy to set up and use.

  • Strong security and compliance. Meets most industry standards.


  • Can be pricey for large volume or enterprise use.


SimpliciSign is designed to simplify the signing process and enhance efficiency in every size of business operations.


  • Easy Document Upload. Easy to set up and use.

  • Signer Biometric Authentication ensures a heightened level of security by utilizing biometric data for signer verification. 

  • Legally binding e-signatures.

  • Sign Overlay, Void Document and Notarization are some of the key features that set it apart from others, making it a superior option. 


  • Only supports PDF document format.

Top eSignature tool


PandaDoc is an all-in-one document management solution with eSignature capability. It has free and paid plans.


  • Even the higher-volume plans are competitively priced.

  • Automates much of the document process. 

  • Integrates with many popular business tools like G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, etc.


  • Lacks some enterprise-level security, compliance and support options. Best for small to mid-sized businesses.


SignNow specializes in eSignatures and typically has an easy user experience and low cost. It provides both free and paid plans respectively.


  • Very easy to use. With a simple interface that hardly requires any training.

  • Competitive pricing. Provides a free account of up to 9 documents a month. Paid plans start at $8/month.

  • A good feature set appropriate for common needs comprising basic functions such as sending, signing, and storage of basic documents.


  • Less document templates and automation compared to more advanced platforms.

Zoho Sign​

Does Zoho Sign fit your needs among the many eSignature services available? Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Intuitive interface. It is very simple, has a user-friendly interface, and navigation.

  • Custom branding. The look and feel of this system are fully customizable and allow you to completely tailor it to fit your company’s brand.

  • Zoho sign integrates with some of the tools that you are already using such as Zoho CRM, Google Drive, and Dropbox.


  • Limited advanced features. It is important to note that if you need more powerful workflow automation and compliance measures, Zoho Sign is not enough.

Adobe Sign

Acrobat Sign is the only e-signature tool seamlessly integrated with the robust features of Adobe Acrobat, all bundled into one comprehensive package.


  • Adobe Sign conveniently works with Adobe products such as Acrobat and Fill & Sign helping to create, send, and sign PDFs.

  • The interface is user friendly and easy to use.

  • Unlimited eSignatures available at a fixed monthly rate.


  • Overkill as far as sending a few documents for eSignature are concerned is Adobe Sign. They also provide less expensive plans that can be adopted by some small competitors.

Hello Sign

Hello Sign is a well-known eSignature company that is user-friendly and straightforward. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before selecting this path.


  • One positive aspect of Hello Sign is its simple interface and few steps involved.

  • You may upload your own PDF or Word file, or begin with their templates.


  • The audit trail is basic without sophisticated ability to track sophisticated, multi party contract management or work flows.


A well-known eSignature solution which prides itself on ease of use and affordability is SignEasy. Nonetheless, it is vital to ponder some disadvantages that may affect the decision to select this option.


  • Navigation of the interface is very easy, user friendly. Such users will be able to create, send and even sign documents, even if they are not so “tech-savvy”.

  • This is among the most affordable eSignature solutions.

  • Multiple signing options. One can sign through the web, a mobile device, and by uploading a scanned wet ink signature.


  • Limited features. This may include items such as workflow automation, CRM integrations and compliance certifications which are sometimes not there.


For instance, OneSpan is the most popular eSignature service, but it has major disadvantages that you must take into account prior to enrolling.


  • One can begin with simple, drag-and-drop tools to add signature, text, and image.

  • OneSpan also has stringent security and compliance strategies in place for a secure environment of your documents and data.


  • Onespan does not have as many collaborative capabilities nor the workflow automation that is present in other services such as Adobe Sign or Zoho Sign.


Signaturely is a cheap and easy-to-use e-signature service. Now, let’s talk about the major pros and cons.


  • It is extremely easy to use and quite user-friendly. Anyone can easily create, transmit and sign any documents irrespective of their knowledge in tech matters.

  • One of the cheapest paid plans is that offered by Signaturely, which amounts to $10/month. They offer a 3 signatures per month free plan as well.

  • Legally binding signatures. Signaturely employs high level encryption to ensure that every signature is compliant with electronic signature laws such as ESIGN and UETA.


  • Limited features. Although user friendly, Signaturely fails to include such sophisticated functions as workflow automation, payment processing and identity verification which are common practice with its competitors.

Docusign vs SimpliciSign: Comparing the Top Players​

While DocuSign undoubtedly holds a leadership position in the eSignature software space, SimpliciSign offers comparable functionality at a more affordable price point and boasts user-friendly features, making it a compelling alternative for businesses seeking cost-effective and easy-to-use electronic signature solutions.

SimpliciSign further solidifies its appeal by incorporating Signer Biometric Authentication, adding an additional layer of reliability to its offerings and making it a trusted choice in the eSignature software landscape.

In general, SimpliciSign and DocuSign are both good options. SimpliciSign is usually very good and suitable for most small to midsize businesses as they can be a bit cheaper. However, give a trial and find out which solution works best in terms of priorities, affordability, and business objectives.

SimpliciSign: An All-in-One Solution for eSignatures​

SimpliciSign allows you to create, send, and sign electronic documents easily and securely. This all-in-one solution streamlines your business operations with seamless eSignatures.

Create Professional Documents: Easily design professional-looking documents using SimpliciSign’s editor. Easily upload your own document and add text, images, signatures, and more. SimpliciSign’s editor has all the tools you need to create polished documents for any purpose.

Send for Signatures in Seconds: Once your document is ready, quickly send it for eSignatures with just a few clicks. SimpliciSign allows you to send to multiple signers at once and set a signing order as well.

Signer Biometric Authentication: SimpliciSign ensures a heightened level of security by utilizing biometric data for signer verification.

Sign Electronically: As a recipient, you’ll receive an email with a link to review and sign the document. Click the link, review the document, and add your legal eSignature with your finger, mouse or stylus. Your signature is legally binding and encrypted to ensure security.

Track Document Progress: Check on your document’s progress at any time. See who has viewed, signed, or needs to sign the document.

Maintain a Centralized Archive: All your documents, signed or unsigned, are stored securely in your SimpliciSign account. Locate any document instantly and view its full audit trail. Your important documents are organized, accessible, and protected.

Remote Sending, Signing, and Notarizing: SimpliciSign Notary allows you to securely send, sign, and notarize important agreements remotely. SimpliciSign offers encrypted notarial sessions with a detailed audit trail. Our identity proofing technologies help lower the risk of identity fraud through secure verification methods.

So, our list comes to an end, with the eSignature software that can make your business processes simpler. As you can see above, there are some good solutions for electronic signature, whether you have a complex system for your enterprise or a simple solution for a small company. However, you need to identify the best option that works for your budget.

SimpliciSign streamlines the end-to-end document signing process with the subscription of: $4.99 per user /month + $0.50/per invite. Give SimpliciSign a try and see how much time it can save your business!